How to Manage Visual Data Reporting with Customer Support Software

Traditionally, the emphasis on customer experience was an aspect of business more closely aligned with B2C entities. However, the importance of customer support has been growing in the B2B marketplace for quite some time. Advances in customer support software have resulted in better ways to access metrics in order to gather useful data to improve the overall operational processes. A valuable tool for this is visual data reporting. This gives you the ability to customize a data report to fit the needs of your support team. If you’re just getting started with this feature, let’s look at a few different ways you can manage these reports.

Create Accounts for Each Agent

When it comes to visual reporting, sharing accounts can quickly become a big mess and result in confusion and even errors in your metrics. You could have a huge internal problem when more than one person has their hands in the reports on a single account. In addition, sharing accounts means you can’t look at the reports to evaluate the internal performance of your agents. That’s why it’s imperative to create separate accounts for each agent. That way, you get a unique data report every time.

Stay Organized

When analyzing reports, the last thing you want is confusion over what you’re looking at. However, it’s quite easy to organize your visual reporting with customer support software. It’s important to create a logical labeling system for reporting fields that suits your needs. It may help to talk to your management team and other executives to find out what information they need to see. This way, you can create custom fields to fit every department’s needs.

Utilize Tags

Another organizational strategy you should consider when managing your reporting is the use of tags. This is especially useful when tracking issues related to a specific topic. Tagging your tickets with keywords will help you find them quickly so you can see how the issue was resolved and how frequent a certain issue is popping up. It’s important you come up with a uniform system for tagging tickets. Each rep should be on board with the tagging process so nothing falls through the cracks.

Configure Your Product Information

If you have a large number of products, it may benefit you to break them down into categories within your reporting system. This allows you to easily find issues with a specific product and also see which products aren’t performing well for your organization.

Utilizing visual data can help each department understand what’s working and what’s not. It can also help streamline your overall customer support process. However, you must manage it well. At PhaseWare, we provide customizable customer support software which will allow you to take advantage of unique reporting and get the exact numbers you need. Contact us for more information.


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