How SLAs Help Your Agents Serve Your Customers

A common struggle for customer support agents is not knowing how to prioritize tickets. There are many different factors that go into understanding which ticket has the highest priority, and these factors can cause some challenges. Having a service level agreement in place sets standards for customers, as well as for agents. And with a service level agreement tracking tool, you can provide your agents with a resource to help them prioritize their workflow appropriately to serve customers efficiently. Here’s how SLAs can help your agents serve your customers better.

Hold Your Agents Accountable

If nothing else, a service level agreement can hold your agents accountable for completing a task in a specified timeframe. In order to maintain SLA compliance, agents need a tracking tool to help them know which tickets are the most urgent so a breach in the agreement doesn’t occur. The accountability a service level agreement tracking tool creates is not meant to be a negative feature for agents. Rather, it’s a helpful tool to allow agents to prioritize their own workflow and be more efficient when solving customer issues.

Prioritize Workflows

One of the reasons why agents are unproductive or procrastinate is because they don’t know what to work on next. With service level agreement tracking tools, this is a non-issue since dashboards can be customized to measure SLA performance in real time. Prioritization is critical in a high volume customer support department, and agents can easily become overwhelmed if performance and tickets can’t be tracked. Having a set standard to strive for will boost productivity and create efficient workflows, all of which are achieved through service level agreements.

SLAs are Manageable, Measurable and Configurable

It’s easy to manage and meet your SLA compliance standards when you have the right software. With service level agreement tracking, you can easily manage, measure and configure support, statistics and reports to help your agents better support your customers. However, it’s important to understand that no company is perfect, and an SLA compliance breach will occur from time to time. In those instances, your software should alert a supervisor about the breach so it can be handled appropriately and as quickly as possible. Supervisors who have the ability to quickly run reports with a service level agreement tracking tool are put in a better position to identify flaws and make improvements in how workflows are managed.

PhaseWare can help you monitor, configure and track your SLAs to keep your agents accountable and provide the best service to customers. Whether you’re in need of a great SLA tracker, configurable help desk software or any other solution, we can tailor a package to meet your business needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how our solutions can help you better support your agents and customers.


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