How is Bad Service Hurting Your Business?

One reality every business faces is knowing a customer is more likely to share a bad experience with others than they will a good experience. A great customer experience is expected any time they walk through the door, pick up the phone, send an email or get on a live chat. Your onsite customer support software plays a large role in giving you the proper tools to be more efficient in giving customers what they need. However, sometimes it’s the relationship between an agent and a customer and how the customer is treated that could be the most damaging to your reputation.

Customers Lose Patience, Businesses Lose Customers

If you don’t have efficient complaint management workflows in place, you could be leaving your customers waiting longer than they’d like. Not handling an issue in a timely manner, or forcing a customer to wait in a queue for several minutes will quickly cause them to lose patience. And when a customer loses patience, they will find other companies to do business with. Not only that, there’s a good chance they will tell others about their negative experience and create a domino effect of negative perceptions.

Respect Can Retain Customers

Providing your customer with respect is one of the most important things an agent can do. You can give your agents the best onsite customer support software to work with, but it won’t help their attitude. Even if an agent handles a customer inquiry promptly, they will likely remember the demeanor and attitude of the agent most vividly. On the other hand, even if an agent isn’t able to handle an inquiry as quickly as they’d like, the customer is more likely to be understanding if they were treated with respect and kindness.

Consistency Creates Trust

A customer needs to trust a business in order to keep coming back. Having secure customer solutions to help create consistency will earn a customer’s trust. Many customers will read a knowledge base article while they are waiting in the call center or live chat queue. And if they find their answer while waiting, they may still ask the agent the question they had. Not providing a consistent answer can be portrayed as poor service since the customer doesn’t know what to believe.

PhaseWare provides all the tools and solutions needed to give your agents the resources to provide outstanding customer support. Your complaint management workflows are critical for agent efficiency and providing the best support possible, and we offer many other solutions tailored to your business needs. If you feel like your business could have better tools to provide a higher level of customer service, contact us today for customized solutions.


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