How Can You Reduce Customer Churn?

No company likes to see customers ending their relationship with them, but the reality is it’s going to happen. The best thing businesses can do is take steps to measure customer churn rates and work to find a solution to reduce those rates. Having configurable customer support software in place can help you retrieve the metrics needed to do a thorough analysis and work toward developing new strategies. You can’t please every single customer that does business with you, but you can proactively ensure your existing customers keep coming back. Here are some tips on effectively reducing churn rates and addressing problems to work toward solutions.

Look At All Feedback Closely

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer feedback. It’s important to have a finger on your company’s pulse outside of the office to know what your customers like and dislike. A great complaint management solution involves categorizing customer complaints to see what types of issues are occurring. If most of the feedback is regarding a design flaw in your product, then you know where you can focus your efforts. Similarly, if complaints are regarding website features or service issues, then you can address those appropriately as well.

Understand Why A Customer Leaves

It may hurt to read it, but understanding why a customer is leaving is invaluable to reducing churn rate. Sometimes customers have valid reasons for leaving, such as financial concerns or other business matters out of your control. Most of the time, when you send a customer a survey asking why they are leaving, you’ll receive honest feedback. A survey is generally more valuable than sending an email, because the survey is instantaneous and quick to fill out. Use that feedback to get a better understanding of churn rates so you can work towards a solution.

Develop and Adjust Strategies

When you have configurable customer support software, you can generate all the data you need to create new strategies or adjust existing strategies to keep customers happy. Customer churn could force you to alter a product design, employee training practices or even portray a different message to customers. Don’t hesitate to experiment with smaller-scale strategies at first to analyze churn rates before implementing a larger-scale strategy. With a good complaint management solution in place, you can track feedback in real-time so you know how effective a particular strategy actually is.

PhaseWare provides companies with the opportunity to offer secure customer solutions to better enhance their business. Every company has customer churn, but the companies that set themselves apart take proactive steps to reduce churn rates. If you’re struggling with customer churn, contact us for customizable solutions to help you get back on track and reduce churn rates.


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