How Artificial Intelligence Can Support Your Agents

Customer service standards have risen dramatically over the past decade. As a B2B organization, you must ensure your support team provides fast, consistent service on a daily basis. If you don’t, you risk losing clients to the competition. But providing an outstanding customer experience can be hard to do if you’re undergoing rapid growth or have an uptick in client requests.

The answer to this problem lies in customer support technology that utilizes artificial intelligence. These tools allow support agents to be much more versatile while serving customers. It also takes a lot of the workload out of their hands. If you’re struggling to provide the support required for client retention, implementing AI will provide a number of benefits.

Better Resolution Times

Speed is one of the most important features of any support team. Customers don’t have time to wait on hold or get transferred to multiple reps when they have a problem. This is where artificial intelligence shines. Tools such as AI-powered chatbots deliver more than just automated answers. They can send the customer links to relevant knowledge base content in real-time. AI also helps your agents access the right information while handling a chat session or speaking to a client over the phone. No more frantically searching for product answers while the customer waits.

Take Stress Off Your Agents

When ticket or call volume is high, the quality of the customer experience your agents provide goes down. This is bad for business. In high-pressure support environments, agents need all the automation they can get. By implementing AI-powered tools into your configurable customer support software, you take menial tasks like email follow-ups and chat assistance out of your agents’ hands. Artificial intelligence can pick up on keywords during a chat session and deliver practical solutions. It can also automatically respond to ticket inquiries and create tickets for client issues. This allows your agents to concentrate on providing excellent service for problems that require a live rep.

Predictive Analysis of Support Trends

You can’t make improvements to your support process without looking at data analytics and pinpointing trends. Doing this manually takes too much time. However, predictive AI can quickly analyze a client’s history and find trends that will help your agents provide better service. These metrics will prove invaluable for proactive support outreach. AI can also provide data on how your client is using your product. This information can be used by sales reps when cross-selling to your current client base. It can also help you determine what changes need to be made to your support infrastructure to make your agents’ jobs easier.

Give Your Agents the Advantage of AI

If your support operation is stuck in the stone age, turn to AI-powered tools and start providing the level of service your clients demand. This technology will make it easy for your agents to deliver an optimal experience every time an inquiry comes in.

PhaseWare provides configurable customer support software that harnesses the power of AI. Contact us today to learn more.

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