The Realm of Customer Service is Changing with AI

The way an organization interacts with it’s customers has a huge impact on their business reputation. Online customer support has changed how this interaction takes place. Now, artificial intelligence is changing it even more. The level of service a support team can provide using AI-powered tools is transforming the way businesses and consumers think about the customer service experience.

Although technology has made it possible for customers to get quick answers via chatbots, they still want the empathy of a live agent. This may seem out of reach for AI-powered tools, but there are still plenty of ways they can be integrated into a support environment. Let’s go over how artificial intelligence is changing the game.

High-Quality Agent Response

AI tools aren’t only useful to the client. They also help support agents perform at a much higher level than they ever have before. One way they do this is by editing and changing agents’ responses in real-time. Let’s say an agent is chatting with a client about a product issue. Artificial intelligence can analyze the agent’s responses and offer better alternatives. This ensures every agent response is intelligent and grammatically correct. By using these tools, a support team cuts down on human errors that could affect the customer experience.

Streamline the Ticketing Process

Years ago, client tickets had to be routed to the right person by an agent. This manual process takes time and creates bottlenecks in the ticketing process, thus increasing resolution times. Automation tools eliminated the need for this by routing tickets based on a keyword in the subject line. AI-powered ticketing takes things even further. Now, a ticket can be routed based on the issue and the client’s level of frustration. AI can analyze all this information and ensure the ticket gets to the right person with the appropriate amount of urgency. It can also tag tickets for quick reference in the future. Agents don’t have to lift a finger.

Fewer Tickets Created

In addition to streamlining the ticketing process, AI within B2B customer support software can help deflect the ticketing process altogether. And lets face it, fewer tickets means a much easier process for both agents and clients. A great example of how this process happens is through AI-powered chat. If a customer has an issue and begins a chat session, artificial intelligence can deliver knowledge base content right then and there. It can analyze the client’s questions to determine which content is appropriate. This cuts down on the chance the customer will create a ticket. In this case, AI is empowering the client to find the solution on their own and providing them with the means to do it.

Make AI a Part of Your Process Today

Given the benefits AI provides for support teams, there’s no reason not to integrate it into your operation. If you don’t, your competition will leave you in the dust. Your business reputation will also take on water.

Get the AI tools you need to provide a level of service your clients won’t forget. PhaseWare can make this happen by setting you up with configurable customer service software. Contact us today to get started.

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