When Does The Human Need to Step in With Chatbots?

For many businesses, chatbots have become an essential tool in their customer support operation. Years ago, they weren’t very well-received, but the use of artificial intelligence has turned the chatbot’s reputation around. They’re now able to provide a very human-like interaction while solving client issues more efficiently than ever. This has allowed support teams to concentrate on other channels and enhance the customer experience by leaps and bounds. However, even chatbots have their limitations.

Despite their ability to provide optimal customer support automation, chatbots still can’t fully replace humans. In fact, it’s crucial that your support team be ready to step in when a chatbot session isn’t getting the job done. Ignoring a certain level of oversight could lead to customer churn. But knowing when to take over can be tricky. Let’s look at some instances when a live agent needs to take the reigns from a chatbot.

The Client Becomes Frustrated

Working with unhappy customers is just part of the support process. One of the primary issues with a chatbot is they can’t pick up on a client’s frustration simply by the tone of their voice. If an upset customer isn’t getting what they need from a chatbot, it could be detrimental to a business’s reputation. That’s why it’s important for a live agent step in and provide the type of assistance the chatbot cannot. Make sure you dedicate a number of agents to overseeing all chat interactions. That way angry clients aren’t waiting around for additional service. Furthermore, features that utilize artificial intelligence can alert support staff when a chat session is going badly.

The Client Has Specific Requirements

Some client issues require a more dynamic solution than a chatbot can provide. In these situations, a live agent is better suited for the job. Keep in mind that even though chatbots can simulate a live human, they’re doing so only through machine learning which gathers and interprets data. This won’t work for every problem. Sometimes the issue requires the help of an agent with in-depth knowledge of the product, the service level agreement that’s in place, and business limitations. You may also have clients who you have unique contract agreements that go beyond your standard level of service. These clients may not get what they’re looking for from chatbots.

A Chat Conversation Stops Progressing

Resolving customer issues is what support is all about. But what happens when a chatbot has exhausted all possible options and the client isn’t satisfied? In these cases, it’s time for a live agent to take over. These stalemates may occur if the chatbot is suggesting solutions that don’t quite work for the client’s issue. There’s also a chance something may be getting lost in translation between the client and the chatbot. When this occurs, the result could be a back and forth that goes nowhere. Most of the time, a live agent can quickly assess the problem and find a solution.

Make the Most Out of Your Chatbot Service

The chatbot is one of the best customer support automation tools for providing a well-rounded service experience. However, it’s important your team is ready to step in and take over.

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