Eliminate the Language Barrier With AI

The language barrier is a common problem in the customer support industry today. How do you provide service when agents and consumers don’t understand each other? Many businesses attempt to solve this issue by staffing multi-lingual team members that can step in when a language barrier is causing an issue. However, with the global B2B marketplace growing, businesses need more stable solutions. This is where artificial intelligence shines. Tools that utilize AI can help eliminate the language barrier, making it unnecessary to hire employees to do the translating. Let’s take a look at how AI can allow for clearer communication when language is an issue.

Seamless Translation

You’ve probably heard of Google’s translation feature, and maybe even used it from time to time. While it seems like an easy enough solution to a language barrier, this tool simply doesn’t cut it in a support environment. If used, translations will come across as mechanical and even incorrect. AI capability, however, can quickly translate content from an email or client inquiry with acute precision. All your agents will have to do is review the translated content to ensure its accuracy. By integrating B2B customer support software into your infrastructure, your agents will have this resource at their fingertips at all times.

Faster Resolution Times

When a language barrier is getting in the way of solving a client’s problem, resolution times go through the roof. This is something every support team works to avoid. Artificial intelligence can eliminate this issue by providing real-time translations to agents. This means there’s no lag in resolution times. This can be done via email or even chat sessions. Because AI and machine learning are now lightning fast, the translation gets delivered immediately. No more putting the client on hold or transferring them to an agent who speaks their language. Plus, because AI and machine learning utilizes data in order to adapt, errors will be avoided during the resolution process. This means higher customer satisfaction for global clients.

AI Translation Learns From Your Agents

That’s right, if your configurable customer service software contains AI-powered translation, it will learn from your agents. Machine learning is all about evolution. This technology is able to collect metrics and trends and change the way it operates. In this case, the result is a translation service that keeps getting more and more accurate as it picks up on its own mistakes. For instance, if your agents make corrections to a translation, AI and machine learning will take this data into account and adjust its performance in the future. This could mean picking up on certain vernacular regarding your product used by speakers of a different language.

Break the Language Barrier and Provide Global Service

If your agents are constantly faced with a language barrier, it’s important you address the issue before customer churn occurs. By using AI-powered translation, you can eliminate this problem and confidently serve clients around the world.

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