A Step Above the Rest: Providing Proactive Customer Support

A trend that I’m seeing (and would like to see more of) is businesses providing proactive customer service and support. I’ve talked about this before, but once you finish a phone call with someone, your job isn’t done—you must follow up with customers. What about the front end of situations though? You need to be proactive in everything, especially customer support.

Train your employees. Train your staff to spot potential issues so they can possibly fix the issues before they are even noticed by the customer.  Prioritize the issues and help your employees figure out what issues need to be handled first.

Have a software or system set up which helps you stay proactive. There are customer service and support systems out there, such as PhaseWare’s Tracker, which help you stay on top of tickets and incidents. It still shocks me when businesses say they still just use email for ticket tracking. There is so much more you could be doing to stay on top of tickets, therefore providing better customer service.

There are a variety of options when it comes to providing customer support, but not a ton which help you stay proactive. What do you use to provide proactive customer support?

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