Top 3 Ways Businesses are Using Social Media for Customer Service



By now, you either know, or have heard that social media can be used to provide tremendous customer service. How many businesses are actually using social media for customer service though?

According to a recent study*, 77% of enterprises are using social media for positive/negative sentiment. This would just mean customers are saying “Hey, you’re doing a great job” or “I hate your business”, etc. This is somewhat helpful to businesses, but not quite the helpful user feedback that businesses need.

70% of businesses are using social media for issues with products or services. I love when companies allow this to happen because it shows they aren’t afraid to admit their mistakes. These companies are able to handle issues on a public platform and provide quick service to resolve it.  Admitting your mistakes and efficiency are key components in customer service, and social media is a great way to do this.

The third way businesses are using social media is with requests for more information regarding products, services, etc.  Businesses need to use social media outlets as opportunities for promoting their brand… not 100% of the time though. It’s great if a current or potential customer asks you about a product or service via social media. That means your social media outlet is providing intriguing information and they want to know more. If you are gaining interaction with your social media outlets, this means people are comfortable speaking with you and your business. Good for you!

What ways would you like to see more businesses utilizing social media for customer service? Have you had a good business experience via social media?


*source DMG Consulting LLC, November 2011

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