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for all phases of the customer service and support process

PhseWare Tracker Suite

PhaseWare Tracker


Issue tracking, complaint management, CRM, time tracking, SLA compliance, process management, KM, and more—Tracker is a complete customer support solution that can be tailored to your specifications.

Self Service Center


Customer's demand customer support that is available 24/7/365. PhaseWare’s SSC allows customers to submit tickets and search a knowledgebase of FAQs, solutions, downloads, and forums to resolve their own issues.


PhaseWare's Event Engine is a powerful business rules engine for complex service and support delivery environments. This tool allows you to fully automate and further customize your PhaseWare experience.

The PhaseWare Tracker Suite can be installed on-site or on the cloud. Whether you purchase our licensed product or opt for the SaaS solution, you will have all the same features and benefits.

Incident management software with full Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SLA tracking, Knowledgebase Management (KM), reporting, robust searching, and much more.

Customers can reach out to you whenever they want, however they want, and create a ticket from any channel: email, phone, web, live chat, and more.

Customer and contact information, incident details, history, status, and solutions are integrated into a single, easy-to-use interface.

Track ticket duration (from creation to resolution and closure) and total time spent working on incidents and individual correspondence, and working with customers.

Automated alerts and notifications for anything, based on any conditions, can alert your agents to escalations, critical issues, deadlines, and much more.

Customer self-service, knowledgebase access, ticket submission, crowdsourcing, and peer support through forums and communities will heavily deflect routine calls.

Easily manage and customize any aspect of the application suite: add fields, labels, colors, and controls to Tracker; customize logos, icons, and color schemes in the Self Service Center; and tailor user security, contact security, and dropdown lists to your heart's content.

Everything that happens to a ticket, customer, or event gets logged from end-to-end: whether it's a business rule, comment, status change, or reassignment—you have a complete audit trail for future reference.

Through the Self Service Center, your contacts can chat live with your agents. You can set up multiple chat channels, determine custom chat hours, create tickets from chat sessions, view chat history, and much more.

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The PhaseWare Tracker Suite:

PhaseWare Product Suite

PhaseWare Tracker Suite products work in conjunction to create a fast, secure, and dependable solution to a large number of customer support issues. With the PhaseWare Products under your control, your business or organization will become a customer support champion offering legendary support to all of your customers and contacts.

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