Customer Service Trend: Video Production

In the customer service community, there are a lot of trends I have talked about—social media, feedback management, mobility and more. However, there is one I haven’t talked about in a while and that is video.

Videos are great for training customers and users.  They’re also good for relaying information to your customers. At PhaseWare, we use videos for training, providing information and for explaining product features. We have made some in our own office which are fun and light-hearted and we have had other people create exceptional, more professional videos for us as well.


Give the company a face. I can’t tell you how many customers I have talked to who already know who I am because of our “Chats with Katie” videos.  We created those videos to give our business a fun, personable feel.

They’re a fun break from the work day. If you create and film the videos in-house, it’s a fun switch from sitting at your desk. I definitely believe they can help boost office morale.

Videos are also a great addition to any email. If someone signs up for a trial or emails you with a request, it stands out if you embed a video into your email and it’s easy to do.


Expensive. If you don’t have proper equipment, you need to get some. A camera, green screen, tripod, video editing software… it can all get expensive fast.

If you aren’t a video expert, they may not come out as professional or with as great of a production value as you had hoped. We love making our fun videos but we know they aren’t Spielberg quality which is why we like having others make them sometimes!

Do you utilize videos for your business? Do you make them yourself or hire someone outside the company to make them?


Sean Ely is one of the 5 shirt-wearers from IWearYourShirt who created great videos for PhaseWare and The IdeaWall.

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