First Call Resolution: Get With It or Get Out

Having excellent First Call Resolution is definitely becoming more and more of an important topic. It seems like customer service issues are taking less time to solve… which is one reason this is a great trend for customers and businesses to be aware of. What if your business is behind and you still have poor first call resolution? You’ll fall behind, customers will continue to get frustrated with you and then eventually find someone else to do business with.

First call resolution (“FCR”) simply put, is solving a customer issue or assisting them with just one phone call.  Sometimes issues need to be handled over a certain amount of time and can’t be solved during just one phone call, but this shouldn’t be the case a majority of the time.  In a blog last week, I gave out five simple customer service training tips. All five of which will help your customer service representatives to improve their FCR.

Efficiency is Key. You will never solve issues with just one phone call if you’re sloppy and don’t take time to do the proper work.

Know Your Stuff. Pay attention in training and don’t slack off. It just makes the business look bad. Customers want to feel taken care of—like the people helping them actually know more than the customer. Knowing what you’re talking about will help you solve issues in a less amount of time.

How do you improve your FCR? Do you utilize a certain software, training, etc? I’d love to hear your tips and thoughts below!

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