Customer Service: Survival of the Fittest

Only the strong survive… especially in customer service.  It used to be that companies could provide poor or mediocre customer service and customers had to deal with it.  For example, 40 years ago there may have only been one bank in your area—if they provided poor service you had no other options. You had to stay with that bank… or keep your money under a mattress. Now, there are hundreds of banks. In my county alone there are over 10.  You must up your game and stay on your toes.

As a business, you also must provide excellent service.  Go above and beyond for your customers—One, because you care about them and two, because it’s so easy for them to tell the entire world (almost) about a poor experience. Through social media outlets, it takes under a minute to share an awful experience they had with you and that can easily tarnish your reputation.

Be open to change. Maybe you don’t believe in social media for personal use but you see how it has positively impacted businesses, look into it for your own company. Don’t be against something because you don’t understand it; find someone who does understand it. Business practices are constantly changing, be open to anything.

When you’re in the process of changing an aspect of your business, no matter how small, involve your colleagues.  Here at PhaseWare, whenever something is changed, all of the employees know about it. We are never kept in the dark. CEO and Co-founder, Randall Nelson says:

Keeping team members informed helps them to stay involved and keeps them all working towards a common set of goals.  Getting their input early in the process is also a great way to get feedback which might help prevent missteps.

I completely agree. I love feeling like everyone in our business knows exactly what’s going on and what common goals we’re all working towards. We feel more like a team… dare I say family?

How do you think a company can stay on its toes and stay open to change?


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