Customer Engagement 101

Customer Engagement (CE) needs to be something you think about on a daily basis for your business. The definition of Customer Engagement “refers to the engagement of customers with one another, with a company or a brand.” Obviously. Why do you need good CE though? Isn’t it enough that your customers chose your business to begin with? The answer is no—here’s why.

Good Customer Engagement requires ongoing involvement. Call or email them a set time per month or per quarter… whatever works for your business. Keep them engaged—you want a customer for life.

Be Consistent. Just like anything in business, you need to be consistent. You shouldn’t call a customer to check in every other week for a year and then don’t contact them for six months. People love consistency.  

Be Upfront with Customers. It’s okay (and preferred) if you tell them you will be in contact with them just to make sure everything is going well. Ask for their preferred method of communication. For example, my bank never asked me how I liked to be contacted. I seriously dislike talking on the phone, but they call me once or twice per month… I never answer.  They would definitely get a response though and more two-way interaction if they emailed me. 

Increase Brand Loyalty. If you have the proper methods of customer engagement, and your customers trust you and love talking with you, your brand loyalty will significantly increase.

Tomorrow I will talk about different levels of Customer Engagement. Stay tuned!

What steps do you take to increase Customer Engagement?


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