4 Levels of Customer Engagement

Yesterday I talked about the basics of customer engagement. I’d like to talk a little bit about different levels of customer engagement. I’m a huge March Madness fan (Go Spartans!) so I’ll explain the different levels in basketball terms.

Elite Eight: I would consider low adoption to be when the customers know your company name and when they do something such as “like” you on Facebook.  They’re just another number then—you want them a bit more engaged.

Final Four: When you have medium customer engagement, the customers are occasionally commenting on your blogs, social media outlets, retweeting you, etc. They’re giving you some mild endorsement but nothing spectacular.

You Made it to the Finals: You’re so close to the finals, you can taste it! When there is a high level of customer engagement, your customers are blogging about you, writing testimonials and giving you a great reputation—you’re almost to the desired amount of customer engagement. They have a high level of trust for you and you’re proving great customer service.

NCAA Champions: At the highest level of customer engagement, you have the best possible business relationship with your customers. When you achieve this level, your customers trust you completely and you’re providing the best customer service possible. Customers will always read and comment on your blogs, talk with you through social media outlets, email and phone calls, voluntarily offer to give testimonials, and it’s a wonderful two-way engagement. The customers will truly care about you and how business is doing (vice versa).  They won’t just be your customer; they’re your fan and cheering section.

You can get to this level of engagement a number of ways but they all take some time—you must be patient. Next week I will talk about different ways you can get your customers fully engaged. Stay tuned!

 How do you engage your customers? Who do you have winning in your bracket this March?

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