Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Business and Customer Service

Social Media is a wonderfully innovative tool which can exponentially improve your business if used correctly. There are a lot of different platforms you can use, so which one is right for you? Today I’ll talk about some of the top social media platforms and how they can work for your business.

Facebook: Nearing 1 billion users, Facebook has endless opportunity for you to get your businesses name out there. The friendly timeline allows you to share photos and information easily with your fans. The great thing about Facebook is that there is not a limit to how much you can share, unlike other platforms.

Facebook Tip: Be interactive. If someone asks you a question… answer it!

Twitter: This is an amazing way to share small, quick bits of information. Yes, you’re limited to only 140 characters but you can add links to your tweets and pictures. I love using Twitter for business, it’s a simple way to get your name out there and a quick, efficient way to improve customer service and handle issues.

Twitter Tip: Brush up on “Twitter lingo”.  Share other peoples content if you want them to share yours!

Pinterest: If you follow PhaseWare , The IdeaWall, or myself on Pinterest, you know it’s my new obsession… to put it lightly. Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can share photos of different products, DIY crafts, food, apparel, etc. These pictures will take you to the original site. At first I thought it was just fun for personal use but it’s really great for businesses as well. We share our blogs, products we sell, products we like, things we do on the weekend and more. It’s just another great way to give your business a personality.

Pinterest Tip: Don’t overthink it. Some users quit shortly after trying to use Pinterest because they make it more difficult than it needs to be.

These are currently my top three favorite social media platforms. There are plenty more out there and I’ll be sure to write about them later this week!

Which social media platforms do you use for personal use? What about business use?

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