Top 3 Customer Support Tools

There are many necessities for running a successful business, but customer service and support are number one. There are three components to customer service and support which I believe are the most important—you can’t succeed without them.

Exceptional People with Exceptional Attitudes: You must have knowledgeable, friendly, trustworthy people in your company—they need to be a triple threat. You obviously have to be able to trust them to do their job well, they must be friendly/personable if you’re going to trust them to talk with customers and solve customer issues. Your people also have to be knowledgeable—if they don’t know what your product is or how to solve an issue, how will they help your customer?

 Exceptional Process: Customer support must be organized. You must have a good process of solving issues in order to be successful.

 Exceptional Technology: Your business will go nowhere without exceptional technology.  The technology you use will empower your exceptional people and swiftly help them through your exceptional process. You need technology which makes you efficient and tracks everything you do. If you’re looking for exceptional customer support technology, look no further. PhaseWare’s Tracker empowers your exceptional people to solve any incident that may come up and helps the process go smoothly.  

 If you have these three customer support tools, you will be nothing less than successful. Are there any other customer support tools you would suggest?



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