How Will Your Customer Service Department Ring in the New Year?

Many people make New Year resolutions knowing they won’t stick to them… such as: losing weight, eating better, being a better person, etc. Kudos to you if you’re one of the few that keep their resolutions. Are you going to make resolutions for your business though? If you’re planning on improving yourself, why not improve your business too?

There are three things you should do to improve your business in 2012.

If you don’t already, get a great customer support tool so you can have a more efficient customer support process.  Like I said yesterday, you need to be able to organize and manage customer information in order to be successful.

Make your office environment a more positive one.  I have worked in customer service since high school and have worked in a variety of environments, but my previous employer was the worst at creating a positive work atmostphere. Everyone was always getting yelled at for anything—you could follow the rules 100% of the time and still get in trouble for some outlandish “mistake”.  How do you expect your customer service representatives to have a great attitude with the clients if they’re in a hostile and or negative environment? Make it as encouraging and positive as possible and I guarantee negative attitudes will start to improve!

Like I’ve said 100 times before—start using social media. If you already have, make it your goal to get an executive at your company involved in some sort of social media. Show them the value of it!

What else are you going to do for your business in order to have a successful 2012? Thank you so much for reading my blogs in the last part of 2011. Not only do I really appreciate it, but so does the PhaseWare team. Have a very fun and safe New Year’s! See you in 2012!

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