Why I’m Thankful for Customer Service This Holiday Season

I know I’m beating a dead horse when I say this, but great customer service is the backbone to any business, small, medium or large–and that’s what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving: great customer service. 

Without customer service, businesses would drown in the hatred of unhappy customers.  I am incredibly thankful for great customer service and how it improves businesses. I’m especially thankful that I’ve noticed a change in local businesses customer service strategies over the past year.  It seems like everyone is making an effort to improve their customer service and to empower their customers.  Whether it’s Nissan Juke asking me to tell them how my test drive went or Time Warner Cable solving a dire issue immediately & apologizing, everyone I have interacted with lately has done an excellent job of making me feel like I’m an important part of their business.

That’s an incredibly important component of customer service, making the customer feel indisposable and appreciated. Even if the customer has a poor experience, making their issues seem important and making them feel like they truly are an important piece to your business puzzle will make the issue not seem as awful.

Thank you so much for reading our blogs. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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