Crock-Pot? Why Not?

Over the Thanksgiving holiday my family came to town.  I began asking if anyone had any great customer service stories they’d like to share with me. My sister-in-law promptly told me of a customer service story she experienced with Crock-Pot.

She loves cooking with her Crock-Pot and uses it as much as possible. One day the little handle on the lid came off. She immediately went to the internet to find a replacement part or replacement lid since the Crock-Pot itself was in perfect condition. She couldn’t find a replacement anywhere. My sister-in-law proceeded to email Crock-Pot’s customer service team and received a prompt response. They informed her they no longer made that particular Crock-Pot but to watch in the mail as they were sending her a brand new Crock-Pot.

She and my brother were a little suspicious, as any person in this day and age would be, thinking they would be charged with an outrageous shipping charge—there was going to be some sort of catch.  However, when she received not only a new Crock-Pot, but an upgraded one in the mail free of any charge, she informed the company that they now had a lifetime customer!

It’s doing great customer service deeds like this which will get you those lifetime customers you long for. Go above and beyond like I talked about in my previous blog and you will gain a respectable reputation in the customer service industry. 

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Have a great Cyber Monday.



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