3 Steps to Building Trust with Your Potential Customers

Building a lasting relationship with your customers is beyond important—especially when building your business and in the customer service industry. There are many important aspects you must consider when building your business but number one should be gaining your potential customers trust.

How do they know they should invest their money with your business? For all they know, your business could go under in a week. They need to trust you. How do you build that trust? There are a few ways to do so.

Let Them Know Your Plan.  Tell your customers the reasons you believe you will be successful as a business and successful for them. Be honest with them—you believe in your business or else you wouldn’t have started it. Make them believe in you too.  

Do your research.  Yes you want to grow a client base but you want that client base to be filled with clients you can help the most. Do your research on who needs you the most and why. Be able to pitch this to your potential customers as well. If you have a sewing company, you don’t want to market to a non-profit basketball organization (extreme as that may be, you get the idea).

Engage them. Engage your potential customers in a friendly conversation. It doesn’t have to be about your product—in fact, it shouldn’t be about your product 100% of the time. You’ll just annoy them. Bring up their local sports team, talk about non-business things. This will create the rapport you’re looking for and help you gain their trust.


What other steps do you take to create trust between you and your customers? For other tips on building trust, check out Brand Aid for more advice.


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