Time Warner Cable: Best Customer Service I’ve Ever Had

I recently moved out of my apartment and into another.  I needed to cancel my cable and return my cable box to Time Warner Cable.  I returned all of the necessary equipment needed to a location close to my apartment. I also gave the woman my forwarding address so they could send me my final bill. 

A month had passed, then another. I finally forgot about it.  I forgot until I received a letter in the mail last week from a collection agency saying if I didn’t pay immediately, my credit would suffer severely. 

I was livid—and that’s an understatement.    

As I said in my previous blog, social media is becoming a bigger avenue for utilizing customer service.  So I decided to attempt to resolve this issue via social media—Twitter in particular.  I immediately dove onto the Twittersphere and found @TWCableHelp and let them know exactly how I felt. I probably could have done it in a nicer way but I didn’t want this collection agency to mess with my credit.

Not more than an hour had passed and I had a response from them, apologizing for the situation. They asked me to direct message them my information.  I did so and a little later, I had an email from a kind woman on the customer advocate team.  I told her I’d be able to pay the bill the next day.  She had already called the collection agency and told them I’d be paying it and that there was a miscommunication. 

She made it simple and I didn’t have to re-explain anything to her. I now have everything taken care of.  The situation started out so stressful and could have ended horrendously, but thanks to Time Warner Cable’s Help team on Twitter (@TWCableHelp) my issue was resolved immediately and it was so easy on my end.

If every business that offers support can follow the Time Warner Cable method (accessibility, timeliness, understanding, and willingness to help) social media will become an immense part of customer service and issues will be resolved faster and more efficiently.

Have you ever had something like this happen? Was it resolved with social media?  


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