Graceful Complaint Management: A How-To Guide

The more successful you are, the more attention will come your way, as a company. If your company is a good one, this attention will leave you with scores of satisfied, happy customers who are bound to return for future business. But the truth is, even the best organizations have to deal with the occasional complaint. Customer complaints are a natural part of doing business – it’s how you deal with those complaints that can truly send you into a new level of customer satisfaction. Below are some of the must-have tools for complaint management.

The first must-have is to set up multiple channels for your customers to avail. Having a multichannel support system is an important asset for complaint management as it will keep all of your interactions across multiple channels in a single place – with the right software. By itself, the power of a multichannel system will give your customer service setup a boost, but you can take it a step further by offering an omnichannel support system, too. This will keep track of customer information so that they never have to repeat themselves again and your agents will stay one step ahead of the game. 

You’ll also want to build a comprehensive knowledge base (KB) for complaints. Having a fast response time is crucial for fielding complaints. Resolving customer issues on the first contact, or First Call Resolution (FCR) is one of the key performance indicators for your company. One of the best ways to get better first call resolution rates is to implement a knowledge base that your employees can rely on for correct, concise, easily searchable answers. Keeping resolution information all in one place will make it easier for your representatives to get the right answer, the first time, every time. 

The third tool you need is an organizational powerhouse — Dashboards. Visual reporting is an efficient way to get a high level view of how your complaint team is managing their workload. Dashboards can give you and your team the ability to set up whatever visual reports are necessary and keep them available at all times to ensure that everyone is informed and on the same page. With the addition of useful widgets, dashboards will help guide your way to finding problems that you might have otherwise not even know existed, and improving your service performance on a day to day basis. 

Complaint management is a skill which can be improved with time, practice, and of course, the right equipment. Your team has the potential to become one of the best in the business if you have the right tools for the job!

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