Why Customers Get Angry

There are various reasons why customers become angry. Your product or service isn’t always what is specifically upsetting to them. Angry customers could be under great stress, having trouble at work, experiencing family issues or be facing some other life challenge. Perhaps your product or service failed them at the wrong time when they were already having other problems. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that your company has become an easy target and outlet for their anger.

The key to dealing with angry customers is to remember that they’re not mad at you directly. You can’t take it personally. They don’t know anything about you and you don’t understand their entire situation. Patience is vital when dealing with irate customers. The customer service field is a challenging one and often misunderstood by those who have never worked in it. Angry customers can often believe that they’re the only person who has ever experienced the issue they’re having. They feel that it’s somehow a personal attack on them. Great customer support leads to customer retention and taking a deep breath before tackling the customer’s problem goes a long way toward diffusing the situation.

If this is the first time the upset customer has reported the problem to your company, utilize your customer support software from PhaseWare fully by taking as many notes as possible. It doesn’t hurt to mention in your report that the customer was angry at the time of the call. This insures that future customer service representatives have a full understanding of the mood of the call. Empathize with the customer and express that you understand how frustrated they are. Everyone has had to deal with problems of some kind and drawing on your ability to put yourself in the customer’s shoes is a great help here. What would you want the company to do to resolve the issue? What would you want customer support to tell you? Think about these things as you find a solution for the issues angry customers have.

For a customer who has reported the problem in the past and it still isn’t resolved, access the full knowledgebase of your customer support software and read into the details as the angry customers are on the phone. See what step customer service representatives already took with issue tracking and trouble tickets. This requires some multi-tasking as you continue to communicate with the customer so they know you’re not ignoring them. 

Working quickly under these circumstances shows any angry customers that you care about their satisfaction and with quality comprehensive customer support software from Phaseware, that’s an easy task to do. Convenient menus in the software set everything out in a logical manner and you can quickly see the steps followed in the process so far. Sharing what you find about the issue with the customer tells them that your company is serious about customer satisfaction and issue resolution.

Be kind with angry customers, even if they’re not using their best manners with you. Exuding calm and courtesy during all your customer support communications gives you the peace of mind that you’ve done the best you can. Hopefully the customers will appreciate your kindness by relaxing and diffusing their own anger. Quite often, a call that started out with angry words can end with laughter and an easy back and forth. Remember that each customer deserves your individual attention and that you’re in the business of making sure people continue to be pleased with your products and services. With customer support software from Phaseware, you’re never alone and you always have reinforcements if you need them.



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