Worker Smarter, Not Harder with Chatbots

By now, everyone is familiar with chatbots and have probably used them to communicate with a business at some point. When they first became part of the customer support industry, consumers had a way to reach out to an organization 24/7. However, their inquiries were often left unresolved. Now, the use of artificial intelligence has allowed the chatbot to evolve into a much more dynamic customer service tool. They provide a level of automation that helps businesses take their customer experience to a new level.

AI-powered chatbots also do great things for support teams. In fact, this technology has completely changed the way agents work. If your B2B organization must handle a large number of service requests, you need to implement AI chatbots. Let’s go over a few ways they’ll help your team work smarter, not harder.

Direct Clients to the Right Solutions

Not every interaction with a chatbot will result in a quick solution, especially if your product is large or complex. In the past, if a chatbot couldn’t solve a client’s issue, that was the end of the line. The client would have to contact the support team via a different channel. AI has changed all that. Now, chatbots are able to provide alternative solutions when an issue is giving them problems. They have the capability of transferring the client directly to an agent who can solve their issue. Or, they can use information from the chat interaction to generate a relevant knowledge base link so the client can find detailed answers on their own. This type of customer support automation relieves agents from having to perform menial tasks, which is much more logical for large support operations.

Interaction That Simulates a Live Agent

One of the biggest complaints about chatbots is that information gets lost in translation. Another complaint is that they’re not empathetic. That’s why many people prefer live agents. However, artificial intelligence has given chatbots the ability to more closely simulate humans. Things like language recognition and machine learning allow chatbots to provide dynamic service, improvising alternative solutions in real-time. Plus, because AI-powered chatbots track client behavior, they’re able to provide personalized service. Clients are more likely to trust chatbots and return to them when they have issues. This means you can provide 24/7 support and know your customers’ needs are taken care of.

The Power of Data Analytics

Understanding how your clients interact with your product and support team is crucial for business growth. Metrics can help you make changes to your service operation and boost your customer experience. Unfortunately, this information can be hard to collect and interpret. Chatbots that employ artificial intelligence can take the task out of the hands of you and your agents. This technology can record client data, track trends and then use this information when interacting with a client. An AI-powered chatbot can also provide this information to your agents so they can deliver top-notch support.

Put Chatbots to Work for You

Finding smarter ways to work is the key to a successful customer support department. Integrate AI-powered chatbots and start delivering a better experience to your clients today.

PhaseWare can help by implementing customizable customer support software into your current infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more.

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