The Impact AI Customer Experience Has on Clients and Agents

Nothing has had a bigger impact on the customer experience than artificial intelligence. For years, businesses have used AI-powered technology to provide faster support around the clock. But this was only the beginning of artificial intelligence in the support landscape. Now, AI is propelling the customer experience through more advanced technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing. These tools have proven to be game-changers for organizations trying to improve the customer experience they provide their client base.

But AI doesn’t only benefit the client. It also has a huge impact on the way customer support agents do their jobs. And yes, the benefits are extremely positive. If your B2B organization is falling short where customer experience is concerned, keep reading. We’re going over how an AI customer experience can help both you and your clients.

Streamlining the Support Process Through Automation

Support departments must do everything in their power to provide fast, efficient service in cost-effective ways. This isn’t possible if agents are stuck performing repetitive tasks. AI provides an easy solution by bringing a high level of automation into the mix. Instead of fielding calls, transferring clients and managing chat requests, agents can take on more supervisory roles, only getting involved when their expertise is needed. By using B2B customer support software with AI-powered tools, agents can also gain easier access to client information, set follow-up emails to send automatically and provide relevant information about the product in real-time. Not only does this improve the customer experience, but it also helps cut costs and make agents’ jobs more enjoyable.

Personalized Service

Today, customer service is all about a personalized experience. If you’re not capable of providing this, your clients will eventually leave you for your competition. Artificial intelligence has not only made personalization possible, but it’s also taken it to an exciting new level. AI-powered support tools such as a chatbot can track a client’s behavior through the process of machine learning and change the way it interacts with them. This means each time a customer begins an interaction, the chatbot will know their support history and provide a level of service that, in the past, could only be achieved by a live agent.

Empowering Product Discovery

For B2B organizations, the more the clients know about the product, the better. AI-powered tools have helped empower clients to find the answers to product issues on their own. This benefits both the customer and the agent. Customers interacting with a chatbot can now get relevant self-service information delivered to them so they can abandon the chat session and explore product information on their own. This means they’re finding solutions to the problem at hand and also educating themselves about the product. In the future, they’re more likely to return to the self-service knowledge base for answers. This situation takes a lot of pressure off support agents who are busy putting out serious fires.

Take Advantage of an AI Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is becoming commonplace for B2B organizations that rely on a strong customer experience. If you aren’t using AI-powered tools, it’s time to get on board.

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