How AI Can Enhance a B2B Customer Service Department

Support departments are tasked with the responsibility of retaining clients by providing a competitive customer experience. In today’s digital landscape, this is close to impossible without the use of tools that utilize artificial intelligence. These tools are becoming commonplace in the support industry, especially for B2B organizations that rely on strong product support to defend against customer churn. If your B2B still uses traditional techniques to assist clients, transitioning to AI-powered tools is essential when trying to keep up with the competition. Let’s go over some of the ways AI will enhance your support department.

Faster Resolution Times

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to customer support. The longer it takes your clients to find answers, the higher the likelihood of turnover. The is especially true where service level agreements are involved. With artificial intelligence in place, this problem disappears immediately. AI-powered support tools can facilitate a much higher number of support inquiries than a full team of agents. Plus, when a chatbot can’t find an answer to a support question, it has the capability of transferring the interaction directly to the agent who can.

Improve Service with Client Insights

When your clients are constantly reaching out to your support team for answers, it helps to know what’s working and what’s not. This requires measuring client behaviors and trends, an area where AI shines. These tools can provide data analytics related to your clients’ support preferences which can be used to streamline your process. For example, you may find out most of your clients attempt to use a self-service knowledge base, but don’t find the answers they’re looking for. You can then take measures to enhance your content to meet your clients’ needs.

Around-the-Clock Support

There’s a good chance your clients don’t always operate during normal business hours. In fact, many B2B organizations have partnerships with businesses in other parts of the world. This means it’s up to you to provide support for all hours of the day. This isn’t cost-effective for many companies. However, AI-powered chatbots offer a perfect solution. Clients can get answers to their questions 24/7. If an issue arises that a chatbot can’t address, the inquiry will be escalated so a live agent can get to it as soon as possible.

Better Use of Agent Talent

Does your support department consist of a large number of agents who handle menial tasks such as filtering calls and sending follow-up emails? This isn’t a cost-effective situation. It also makes for a poor job experience for your agents. However, by implementing artificial intelligence, you can redefine agent roles, providing them with the opportunity to learn new skills. Instead of performing repetitive work, your agents can supervise chatbots and other AI-powered tools. This allows them to concentrate on providing quality service when an issue arises that requires their expertise.

Enhance Your Support Department With AI

If your B2B support technology is stuck in the past, you run the risk of losing clients to your competition. To avoid this, implement AI-powered tools and start providing a customer experience you can be proud of.

PhaseWare can help by integrating B2B customer support software into your operation. Contact us today to learn more.

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