Why Complaint Tracking is a Must for Modern Businesses

In modern business, there are two types of companies: those who provide great customer service, and those who don’t. Those who do are handsomely rewarded with positive press and increased revenue. Those who don’t are tainted by their failures in the area, even if they manage to get their act together later.

Quite often, great customer service is achieved through a robust complaint tracking process. When a customer contacts a company with a concern, they shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle. Their concern shouldn’t hit the inbox of someone on vacation, or be marked “Resolved” simply because someone doesn’t want to deal with it. It should be dealt with promptly and thoroughly. Complaint tracking software can help make that happen.

Here’s why your business should implement complaint tracking sooner rather than later.

It Can Help Identify Issues

Many customers will contact a company if the product or service they purchased isn’t working as expected. Just about anything can break or malfunction. It’s to be expected. But complaint managemen software can help uncover larger issues, like tens of thousands of people all reaching out with the same problem. In those circumstances, such a widespread, shared issue lets your company know the problem may not be user error, or a one-off bug, but a flaw in the product or service itself.

It Lets You Know if the Customer Has Had Issues Before

Again, it’s not uncommon for a customer to contact a company with an issue. What is uncommon, however, is if the problem isn’t a large-scale concern shared by many, but is experienced by the same customer over and over again. Knowing a customer continues to have trouble with a product or service can help you narrow down the root of the cause. For example, if the customer of an ISP continues to have issues getting online, the problem could be with the router in their home. Complaint software tracks past interactions and enables agents to move on to more advanced troubleshooting with the customer.

It Holds Customer Service Agents Accountable

Not every customer service interaction is going to be the best a customer has ever had. And sometimes, the fault lies solely at the feet of the agent. Some don’t go far enough to resolve a customer complaint. Some misunderstand the issue entirely and provide unhelpful solutions. And some even mark an issue “Resolved” so they can get a persistent customer off their plate. When a customer comes back to complain again, complaint software helps supervisors and other stakeholders see exactly which agents interacted with the customer and where the support process broke down.

It Helps Support Customers More Quickly

When a support agent takes off for the day, or goes on vacation, a complaint ticket shouldn’t sit in a queue waiting for the agent to return. After a certain period of time, the ticket should be kicked over to the next available agent. Complaint tracking software automates this process, which helps support address the customer’s complaint much more quickly.

Interested in learning more about how complaint tracking can help your business provide better customer support? Be sure to contact PhaseWare today and see why companies trust our software to power their support departments.

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