Using Complaint Management to Improve Your Services

Any designer or developer will tell you: despite the painstaking work they put into ensuring a great experience, some end users will use their services in a way they didn’t anticipate. These are often edge cases for the most part, but when a mountain of critiques start piling up from users, a bigger problem may be at hand. It’s in these moments complaint management software can help save the day.

Using a software platform for complaint management can help your business learn more about how people are using your services. And, with enough feedback, you’ll have the data you need to make the changes your users want. Let’s get into why you should use complaint management to improve your services and make your customers happy.

Designers & Developers Aren’t Everyday Users
User interface designers adopt and apply certain philosophies when they create their interfaces. Developers do the same in their code. They quite often do this in an effort to stay on the bleeding edge of their particular disciplines. The problem with this? Normal everyday users don’t follow design and development as closely, or at all. What may seem like the next big thing to those working on a service may confuse the end user, who finds the thing they’re trying to use doesn’t work the way they expect it to.

Implementing a complaint management solution can help. Whether users are unsatisfied with the interface design of your services or the code powering them, an automated platform for receiving and dealing with feedback can tip you off to a problem before it gets wildly out of control.

Use Feedback to Learn and Improve
Feedback from customers can help you learn exactly what is tripping them up, and where you need to make changes to your services. This feedback can come from a number of different channels. Users may submit it through a feedback form or a survey on your website. Or they may even post about their issues with your services indirectly on a message board, where they may not think you’ll see it.

Having a platform to manage this customer feedback will give you an opportunity to see very specific complaints, and to identify potential trends in the way people are expecting your services to function.

Make Changes Based on Feedback
Once you’ve gathered your data, it’s time to act. Where you start depends on the severity of the issue, but it’s likely a good idea to prioritize your changes based on how important you feel they are to the user experience. If a large number of users don’t like how certain vital processes work, for instance, you may want to put a fix for this case closer to the top of the list. Smaller complaints you still feel are valid can be put on your roadmap for future updates.

If this sounds like a situation you deal with far too often, it may be time to explore complaint management software as a solution. It’ll help you better track user feedback and make the changes your customers want to see in your services. And if you have additional questions, or want to get started implementing a complaint management solution for your company, contact PhaseWare today.


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