What is Needed to Overcome AI Challenges in Customer Support?

It’s no question that artificial intelligence has changed the way customer support teams for B2B organizations provide service to clients. Faster solutions, 24/7 service and predictive learning all contribute to a company’s ability to provide a customer experience that stands up to the competition. With standards for customer support so high these days, an organization can’t afford to ignore AI-powered support tools.

However, integrating AI isn’t always straightforward. There are many things a business and their support department will need to do to adapt. It’s natural for problems to occur. But businesses don’t have to throw in the towel on AI. All it takes is an understanding of potential challenges and a gameplan to overcome them. Let’s look at several hurdles an organization might face and their solutions.

System Integration Issues

Integrating new tools into an existing system is always going to be a problem. AI-powered customer support automation tools are no different. One issue could arise when a chatbot is introduced into a support system and can’t seem to route client issues to the right department. This could result in a lot of confusion, especially if an organization has many departments supporting their product. To avoid this, a business will need to analyze their current infrastructure and decide which issues need to be sent to each department. They may need to give their AI-powered tools access to client information so they can start using machine learning to pick up on client trends.

An Evolving Support Team

One of the biggest struggles for a support department that’s new to artificial intelligence is the changes they’ll need to make. These tools take much of the work out of agents’ hands, which means job roles will need to change. This may involve agents who usually handled phone inquiries all day learning other skills and taking on more tech-driven tasks. This may not sit well with some employees. However, it’s important to understand that the best type of support environment is one where live agents are working alongside AI. This gives each agent the opportunity to enhance their skills and learn more about the future of customer service. To make the transition easier, businesses will need to provide adequate training to ensure agents are comfortable working with AI.

Acceptance of AI Technology

Many people believe artificial intelligence will eventually replace the need for live agents altogether. This is a scary thought. However, it’s already been proven that there’s no way AI-powered tools can provide the level of support a live agent can. Yes, support teams will need to start collaborating with AI, but they won’t be replaced. Furthermore, some companies aren’t sure they want their client base to interact with AI-powered tools. They prefer the human touch of a live agent. However, if a business wants to grow and compete in today’s marketplace, they need to start considering the switch to AI.

Make AI a Part of Your Team

The transition to using AI-powered tools may not go over without a hitch. However, if you want to provide faster service and expand the way you interact with your client base, utilizing artificial intelligence is a necessity.

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