How AI is Transforming B2B Customer Support

A B2B organization has a responsibility to provide a high level of support to their clients. If they don’t, they could break service level agreements, lose customers and damage their reputation. That’s why many businesses have made the switch to support tools that utilize artificial intelligence like chatbots. This technology allows a business to provide a level of service needed to remain competitive.

However, AI-powered tools don’t only equate to faster resolution times for client issues. They offer a wide range of benefits to the B2B industry. If you’ve been thinking of integrating AI into your existing operation, keep reading. We’re going over some important ways AI is transforming B2B customer support.

Automated Metrics

In order to provide a high level of service for a complex product, a business needs to understand how their clients are using it. They also need to know how they prefer to find the answers to support issues. With AI-powered tools, data analytics is no longer a daunting task. AI can provide an organization with invaluable metrics regarding the issues their client base typically face. This makes it easier to predict which product updates need to be addressed. Furthermore, AI tools can collect client data regarding their support interactions. This could include which support channels they find success with and if resources like a self-service portal are providing the information the client needs. Getting this data manually would require a huge time investment.

Changing the Role of the Live Agent

In a traditional support environment, live agents handle every interaction with a client, either by phone or email. AI-powered tools like chatbots have changed all that. Chatbots have the ability to take on a higher volume of requests than a live agent can. This cuts down on the number of times an agent has to directly interact with a client. What this means for support reps is a complete transformation of their job roles. Now, agents can act as supervisors of chatbots, only getting involved when a client requires the assistance of a live human. This means the agent has the opportunity to learn new technologies and expand their skill sets.

A More Personalized Customer Experience

The customer support experience a B2B organization provides its client base has a direct impact on their continued growth. Today, customers are starting to expect some level of personalization when they interact with a company. Many times this personalization is achieved by using artificial intelligence. AI-powered support tools can track client trends, which gives agents the opportunity to reach out to the client proactively before an issue occurs. AI chatbots can also use this data when a client begins a chat session. The bot will have all the client’s information and support history, which means they can interact with a client in a way that makes them feel less like a number and more like a valued customer. This is great for reducing client churn.

Use the Power of AI in Your Support Department

If your B2B organization is in need of a customer support overhaul, it’s time to make artificial intelligence a necessity. You’ll enjoy a more streamlined support operation that promotes business growth.

PhaseWare can provide you with B2B customer support software that utilizes AI-powered tools. Contact us today to learn more.

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