Top 4 Reasons to Offer a Customer Support Forum

Creating the most effective and efficient customer service environment for your patrons can have an endless flow of benefits to your company. The more formats that you are able to provide for the customer, the more loyalty you will garner across the board. Phone lines, email support, and live chat outlets are must-haves in today’s world of service, but to go above and beyond the call, one of the best ways to improve your service environment is to offer a customer support forum.

Forums are an incredibly versatile tool in the field of customer service, and in general. Offering the standard channels of service is necessary, and by adding customer support forums, your company can find itself in a wealth of rewards, with only minimal time and effort spent. Here’s a few of the reasons why you won’t want to miss out on providing a forum about your products.

#1: Customers help customers. This has benefits inside of benefits. Allowing your customers to be supported by other customers will free up your own agents for other tasks, only requiring a few moderators to maintain the forums. Plus, the customers themselves will be able to engage more fully with the ins and outs of your products by reading through solutions and troubleshooting their own circumstances, rather than just following directions from an agent.

#2: A customer investing him or herself in the details of your product will become far more attached to your company. If the customer feels like they are needed and wanted, there is a higher incentive to stick with it if they should run into their own questions or concerns with your products. A sense of loyalty arises when a person spends time and effort applying his or herself to the forum, which can pay off in the long run for both of you.

#3: It’s not just a company, it’s a community. Customer support forums encourage a flow of information, an exchange of ideas and thoughts between people in regards to your company. This sort of connection between individuals will develop a culture that can offer people a sense of belonging in the world of your business.

#4: No question is too small. Sometimes with customer service concerns, it can be daunting to get all the way through the hoops and hurdles to get that concern addressed, but with forums, it’s simple, quick, and there is always a place for it. Customers will have the anonymity of just a username and be allowed the freedom to explore their curiosities and ask anything that comes to their mind in a no-stress environment.

Customer support forums are a no-brainer. They reduce stress and cost while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction, and PhaseWare can make creating and maintaining them an easy process all around. 

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