Incident Deflection:  Instant Gratification for Your Customers and Your Company

One of the most essential goals in growing a successful business is to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. There are a lot of different angles you can take when increasing the number of positive interactions you have with customers, and one of the most effective of these is to set up a system of incident deflection. It is a fairly easy route to bettering your customer relations.

Incident deflection can come from providing an FAQ for your customers to read, a product forum for them to participate in, or just a solid, thorough library of information related to your products and services, which is available to your customers. PhaseWare can help you set up a flawless system of self-support centers so that customers will have access to the information they need, which will in turn allow your company to experience the many benefits of incident deflection.

But what exactly are the benefits of incident deflection?

Firstly, it opens up the potential for customers to resolve their own concerns, which will allow them to relate to your products in a more personal way and potentially increase their individual customer loyalty. The more comfortable and familiar a customer is with the product, the more likely that customer is to stick with it.

Secondly, incident deflection will decrease the strain on your agents to respond to the ever growing customer base and their many questions. With a lower wait time, tension from customer frustrations and employee energy levels will all but disappear.

Along that same line, once your representatives have more time and stamina to provide customer service, the level of service they can provide will greatly improve. Your employees are experts at what they do—allowing them the space to fully demonstrate that expertise will incite a higher level of respect from the customers they are serving.

Deflecting incidents also means supporting the customer 24 hours a day. The two go hand in hand. Around the clock service can make happy customers in the middle of the night, happy customers after their kids have gone to bed, and happy customers around the entire world of different time zones. Prioritizing incident deflection will help you access a limitless customer base.

Lastly, incident deflection will smooth the process in pinpointing how to improve your products as they stand. With PhaseWare’s auto-generated reports, you will be able to assess what your customers need and how to resolve customer concerns before they even reach your desk. With this constant flow of information, you will be able to stay ahead of the game, instead of being overtaken by customer concerns when they arise without warning.




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