The Simple Secret to Customer Satisfaction

The first rule of customer service is to please the customer. It’s the bottom line and the top of the list for every interaction. The loyalty of the customer and the surrounding influence of that customer depend on your decorum as a customer service representative. So to do such a thing, you must first be aware of what exactly it is that your customer wants. Firstly, the customer wants his or her issue resolved. A dropped issue will reflect negatively on your company, losing you at least one customer and the potential for many more. Whether or not you could indeed solve the problem will no longer matter, and your expertise with your product will go unseen by the customer. With that in mind, the time frame for having the customer’s issue resolved is on an equal plane of importance to achieving that ever-present goal of customer satisfaction.

To include both of these key elements in your interactions reveals the one simple secret to customer satisfaction: First Call Resolutions.

Every further interaction that a customer has with your company regarding the same topic will reduce their faith in you to resolve their concern and reduce their likelihood to stay a loyal customer. To keep your customers and keep your customers happy, your company will need to provide them with a first call resolution, every time they call.

The first and most important way to consistently deliver first call resolutions is to have a large knowledge base available to both your representatives and your customers. With PhaseWare’s products, you will be able to set up a readily accessible set of resources, connected to a powerful search engine for ease of use. Features like the FAQ, customer support forums, and the Self-Service Center will help deflect issues from your customer service queue, and help your representatives have access to the information they need to resolve the large majority of customer concerns quickly and accurately.

Maintaining a large knowledge base will also give your representatives insight into customer issues so that they are able to ask the right questions when the time comes. With speed of service being as imperative as it is, it’s necessary to cut out any irrelevant or off topic questions. Putting your workforce in command of a wealth of knowledge will show in their service and satisfaction rates with the customer.

Providing first call resolutions is essential to your company’s reputation and the happiness of its customers. And as always, when the customer is happy, your representatives are happy, and the company will produce better results on a whole.




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