Top 3 Trends for Customer Service in 2016

In the upcoming year, trends across the board are going to lean with the development of the millennial generation as they begin to take center stage as the main group of consumers. What does this mean for customer service? Read on to see some of the major trends to watch out for in 2016.

#1: Mobile customer experiences. Of course, with the rise of the smart phone, has come the rise of smart phone customer service. Consumers are more and more on-the-go, resulting in a large customer base who wants to reach out on their mobile devices to get help without interrupting the flow of their own workday. With PhaseWare’s Self Service Center and cloud-based operations, not only can customers get in touch on their cell phones, but representatives from your own company can respond in kind. This kind of instantaneous response is the ideal customer support for Millennials.  

#2: All customer support channels, all of the time. 24/7 is the mantra of the millennial. Customers are reaching out through every outlet available; web, chat, email, phone, and social media of every kind are free game. It’s not uncommon for the average customer to even contact two forms of support at once. To keep up with the standard of service, your company will need to be available to support the customer from whatever outlet or outlets they select in that moment. 

#3: Self sufficient customers. Another trend on the horizon is the up-rise of the DIY customer, who will look to find their own solutions, who really have no desire for personal support from representatives. Although this type of customer may believe they aren’t in need of support, it’s necessary to provide them with the tools they need to find a resolution to their issues. FAQ’s and Self Service Center tools such as downloads and customer notifications are a must-have. Another trend in this same family with a surprising growth rate is that of the online forum, where customers help customers with just a moderator from the host company itself to regulate interactions. This form of customer service is really an ideal for companies to encourage, as it results in an increase in customer satisfaction, decrease in wait time and energy from representatives, and an overall positive impact on the productivity of your customer service department. It’s a win/win circumstance, and hosting a forum is a great way to show that your company is able to stay on the cutting edge of service.

Technology is the talk of 2016. With this upcoming year full of service trends to match the pace of on-the-go, self-reliant customers, your business will have to stay on its toes! 

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