The Why and How of Measuring Customer Satisfaction

When you think about customer satisfaction, it seems like it should be pretty cut and dry. Either a customer is happy with the service they received or they aren’t. But the reality is it’s more difficult to measure customer satisfaction than you think. Your onsite customer support software can help you gather metrics to analyze, which is critical to see exactly what areas you need to improve on and what areas are working. Here are the main reasons why you need to measure customer satisfaction, how to do it and some of the tools to make it easier for you.

Why Do You Need To Measure Customer Satisfaction?

There are some obvious reasons why your company should measure customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer usually leads to more sales and potential referrals. But what makes a customer satisfied can vary. Was it the customer service agent that provided a great experience in person or was it one of your customer support channels that helped solve the customer’s issue?

With a customer service visual workflow designer, you can track issues from the time they arise all the way until they are resolved. This will help you identify any potential flaws or strengths in your processes so you can see exactly why a customer was pleased or displeased with their experience.

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction Most Effectively

Exactly how to measure customer satisfaction varies as well. With configurable customer service technology today, there are plenty of tools and resources at your disposal to obtain the metrics you desire. It’s important to measure productivity, effectiveness and efficiency within your organization, but you also need to focus on the relationships created with your customers.

The Right Tools Can Help Improve Customer Satisfaction

Having onsite customer support software, along with other relevant tools, can help you measure customer satisfaction more easily. Without these tools, you’ll be guessing as to whether a customer is satisfied or not. And if they are satisfied, you wouldn’t know why. All of these points are vital when it comes to creating long-term customers, and having the right tools can help.

PhaseWare has all the tools you could ever need to measure customer satisfaction. Our configurable customer service software can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company, and we are always here to provide support. Be sure to contact us to see what resources we have available to you and how we can help you measure customer satisfaction.


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