Streamlining Your Live Chat

Offering a live chat feature to your customers is one of the best investments you can make. Many customers prefer live chat over other forms of communication, since they generally get their questions answered much more quickly. However, from a business standpoint, you have to be able to streamline your processes in order to act efficiently on every request. By incorporating an issue tracking visual workflow designer, you can see different chats when they come in, and manage them most efficiently. Here are some of the best ways you can streamline your live chat to provide the best support experience for your customers.

Use Visual Workflows to Analyze Activity

Analyzing metrics and activity on your website is critical for providing the best customer experience. When you have implemented the best customer service visual workflow, you can view trends such as wait times, abandonment rates, missed chats, customer satisfaction and more. These tools can help you identify whether there are flaws in your technology, or whether it’s the service from the agents causing the issues.

Be Proactive With Your Live Chat Support Tools

Most of the time your live chat feature is going to be busy. It’s easy for people to click on the live chat button to ask a question, and more people are doing it today than ever before. However, with customizable customer support software, you can be more proactive in getting questions answered. You may be able to configure your software to ask the customer for the reason for their chat ahead of time. This will route their question to the proper department and not waste anyone’s time. Not only will the customer support agents appreciate it, but the customers will as well.

Organization is Critical

When you’re dealing with numerous live chats at any given time, being organized is critical. A customer service visual workflow tool can help keep your chats organized so you can address them in the proper order. If your customer has to wait just as long to reach an agent on a live chat as they would calling into the customer service phone number, then there needs to be a re-evaluation of your processes.

PhaseWare takes pride in helping companies have the most efficient customer service processes possible, including live chat. With our customizable customer support software, we can find the perfect solution to create the best situation for your company and your customers. Be sure to contact us to learn more about the products and solutions we offer to help you streamline your processes.


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