The Top Five Reasons Customization Is Crucial for Customer Support Software

Once you’ve realized that you need a customer support solution, the next question is: what kind? It may look appealing to just pick the first readymade, off-the-shelf customer support solution you find. But don’t be misled. You deserve a fully configurable customer support solution, and here’s why.

A cookie-cutter software system may not suit your needs. With that kind of a system, you are given a set of options which will not change, no matter what the needs of your ever-changing business. What you see is what you get. A configurable customer support solution works with you to find the most comfortable combination of ease of use and range of control.

It will clutter the process by offering solutions for problems you don’t have, intended for other buyers on the market. Extra pieces are almost as bad as missing pieces. Having to navigate around unnecessary features will slow down your customer service representatives and leave your pristine business with a messier look.

What goes around, comes around. Ease of use will delight your representatives, who in turn will be on their best game to delight your customers. Having a fully configurable system will make it so that your employees are better able to display their expertise on the product, and the customers will benefit from their speed and accuracy. When the software works, the whole system works better.

It’ll limit your creativity to what you can fit inside the lines. With non-configurable solutions, your ability to create a complete customer service experience will be cramped, causing frustrations for you and frustrations for your customer. You know your business best. PhaseWare’s tailor-made products will allow you to design exactly what your business needs.

Branding Counts. If your customer service system is built by someone else, it won’t have the indicative personality of your own business creation. With the infinite range of look and feel that you can create for PhaseWare’s Self Service Center, PhaseWare’s self-service web portal, you are able to present a cohesive and attractive front for the customer to connect with from all angles. Having a recognizable company vibe can increase customer satisfaction, up your sales, and make it much easier for new customers to find and relate to your products.

If you know what you need, ask for it. When it comes to customer support, it will show if the solution you are using doesn’t fully suit your needs, and to your employees it’ll feel like wearing a shoe one size too small. With PhaseWare’s fully configurable options, you will find yourself a supportive, comprehensive customer care solution.



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