AMBUSH! The Top Three Reasons You Need Automated Customer Service Software

An ambush is one of the most dangerous, and effective, attack strategies. With an ambush, it’s possible to use a minimal force to inflict huge damages and losses upon the opposing side. An ambush ended the Trojan War, led to the Sack of Rome, and changed the tides of the American Revolution when General Washington surprised the world by marching across the icy Delaware River. The strength of an ambush is fragile, however, when you consider that the whole attempt is squandered if even a whisper of the attack plan is revealed to the opponent.

How do you brace yourself against an ambush attack to your business?

In the event that an issue crops up with your product, it’s easy for that issue to spiral out of control if you are not aware of it. Even if the issue has a quick, simple fix, it can take out your entire workforce if it isn’t handled with some immediacy. But there is a means to protect yourself from an ambush in the night: an automated watch dog, keeping a 24/7 eye on your company’s reports.

There are a lot of ways to take advantage of automation. PhaseWare has created an automated customer support system that can save you incalculable amounts of money and time, with some crucial features that you’ll love and lean on in turn.

#1: Auto-generated reports.

Keeping a close watch on your metrics can give you pre-warnings about upcoming trends or issues that may arise. The reports from PhaseWare’s Tracker will allow you to check up on any report, any moment you need it, so you can deflect and protect as needed.

#2: Automatic escalation.

When a customer’s issue intensifies, it can snowball pretty quickly without prompt attention. With PhaseWare’s software you are able to set each customer contact to automatically escalate and notify you when it does–this notification can come through email, pop-up window, or even text message. You will be able to immediately identify a dangerous area and address the problem before it gets out of hand, saving time, effort, and possibly a customer.

#3: Priority alerts.

It is imperative to be on your toes with priority customers and customer issues. The fully customizable software of PhaseWare’s Tracker acts like a watch-dog, eyes open at all hours for upward spikes in activity, a trend in priority 1 tickets, multiple tickets open for a single customer, or just an upcoming deadline to keep you on schedule.

The Tracker program is the best non-human business partner you could imagine. It is awake and protecting you every moment of every day, and adaptable to your needs as they change with your ever-growing company. As a first and last line of defense, Tracker’s automation features will have you relaxed and your customers satisfied year round.  




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