The Benefits of Knowledge Base Articles in Live Chat

In recent years, software innovations have revolutionized the way customer solutions are provided. This has been a game changer for B2B organizations that rely on product support to boost client retention. By implementing customizable customer support software, they can offer solutions that align perfectly with their client’s needs.

Interactive features like live chat gives the client a direct line of contact with an organization’s support team. Unfortunately, customers may still have a hard time getting the information they need. That’s why businesses have started adding knowledge base content to their live chat feature. This allows clients to have access to relevant articles regarding their support issue during a chat session. A configurable collaboration solution between live chat and your knowledge base may be just what you need to take your customer service model to the next level. Let’s look at some benefits.

Help Your Clients Help Themselves

One of the benefits of live chat is the speed at which clients can interact with your agents. However, sometimes a heavy workload results in a wait time once a chat is initiated. In these situations, knowledge base articles could be your support team’s best friend. When a client initiates a chat session with a question, your knowledge base would bring up relevant content based on keywords. The customer then has the opportunity to access this content and find the answer they were looking for. Not only does this eliminate the need for a chat interaction, it educates your clients on your product, empowering them to explore your knowledge base when an issue arises.

Increase the Quality of Chat Interactions

A good knowledge base not only helps inform your clients of your product, it helps your support team find relevant information to enhance the service they provide. A live chat feature and knowledge base can work together and become imperative assets that enhance the quality of chat interactions. When your agents are engaging with a client via chat, accessing additional information related to the issue can be an invaluable resource. They’ll be able to quickly pull up content from the knowledge base right there in the chat feature. Your agents can either use this as reference material when discussing a problem or actually share the content with the client. This helps increase the likelihood of issue resolution then and there.

Cost Effectiveness

The availability of a high-quality knowledge base is the best way to take the pressure off your support team. When clients feel confident they can access the information they need to solve their problems, they’ll need to rely on direct interaction less and less. The configurable collaboration solution of blending live chat with your knowledge base is a great way to familiarize your clients with the content available to them. You can then streamline your support operation and cut down on costs related to staffing agents for full-time live chat service. You’ll also be able to better utilize support personnel and streamline your process.

PhaseWare can help your B2B organization provide unique customer service solutions with customizable customer support software. Contact us to learn more.

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