Effective Communication is Crucial in Customer Service

In an age where social media is the preferred medium of communication for both businesses and private individuals alike, it is important to understand how profoundly customer service can impact your bottom line, and why it is so important to have only the best customizable customer support software. Social media enables dissatisfied customers to voice their negative opinions almost instantly. In the last year 54% of people stopped shopping at retailers who provided bad customer service, so it is absolutely vital your business understands how to effectively communicate with clients via the customer service team.

Don’t Make the Customer Wait

One of the leading causes of customer dissatisfaction is long wait times, whether in person or on the phone. According to studies conducted on this topic, long wait times are one of the top three reasons a customer will report back why they are unhappy with a company and the service they provide.

Having a configurable customer service system will allow you to not only better direct a customer’s call to the appropriate representative, but it will also allow you to utilize a live chat feature on your company’s self service center. This feature will allow for a more effective management of customer overflow. Simply put, the less time people have to spend waiting, the happier they will be.

Make Sure Your Team Has the Tools They Need

Making sure your team has the right tools they need, including a reliable set of imperative assets, is often a way to make sure they are providing your clients with the highest quality configurable customer service. When your team is using effective tools, they can not only handle the problem with the customer they are currently assisting in a more efficient manner, but they will be able to move on to helping the next person more quickly as well.

These kinds of situations can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. A common example is a customer reaching out to a customer service agent through either a phone call or live chat and the agent not being able to pull up their records. There may be information in those records that is highly pertinent to being able to solve the customer’s problem. Without the context this additional information provides, the problem solving process is either slowed down or left completely unsolved.

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and people are able to share their thoughts and opinions on everything in real time, it is important your customers are always kept happy. One bad review on Facebook, Yelp, or another social media platform could affect your bottom line for months after it is initially posted, and those situations are often avoidable. Avoid this situation completely by using PhaseWare’s customizable customer support software. We are here to help you have effective communication in your business so contact us today.

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