Tackling Self-Service from All Angles

New technology has changed the customer support landscape in recent years. More specifically, many companies are now putting the control in their client’s hands. Providing a self-service support option has become very popular with consumers, and the B2B marketplace is catching on. By implementing a portal through your support software, you provide your clients with a number of ways to get the answers they’re looking for. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction, it helps take some of the pressure off your in-house support reps. However, if you want your client portal and knowledge base to be a success, you need to have all your bases covered. Let’s take a look at some ways you can best serve your clients through your support portal.

Never Stop Refining Your Content

Your knowledge base is the backbone of your self-service portal. The idea is for clients to think of it as their go-to resource when they need information or have a problem. Your support team will be directing clients to the knowledge base and you may even implement it into your live chat feature. Therefore, it needs to be as thorough as possible. In order to achieve this, your content always needs to be changing and growing. It’s important you examine your metrics to get a good sense of what content is effective and what needs revision or deletion. You should also look to your in-house support team to get a sense of the types of problems they’re seeing on a regular basis. This may be something you need to address in your knowledge base so clients have the most exhaustive resource at their fingertips.

Focus on Functionality

Nothing will turn clients away from your portal faster than if it’s unorganized and poorly maintained. This not only requires a thorough knowledge base, you also need easy access to other support options. They should be able to easily download a data report, manage files, and update contacts. Submitting and tracking tickets should also be clear and effortless. Your portal’s navigation and search function should be logical and thorough. A great way to ensure your clients are working in a landscape that suits them is with customizable customer support software. When integrated into your portal, your client can create a dashboard to fit their needs.

Your Portal is Always a Work in Progress

The most important key to a successful client portal is taking the initiative to consistently improve it. To do this, you must gather and analyze as much information as you can. Your support team should be flagging cases that have knowledge base potential. You should also be looking at repeat issues or inquires and finding ways to address them through the portal. Meet with your team on a regular basis to get their input on how to improve things. In addition, utilize client surveys to gather feedback on the self-service experience so you can get a firsthand account of their needs.

Make Your Client Portal the Best it Can Be

With client-driven support gaining popularity, it’s up to you to provide the best possible portal for your clients. Remember, refining your portal and knowledge base is an ongoing process. Turn toward your team of reps and the data provided by your support software to get the best sense of your client’s needs.

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