Successful Collaboration Across Departments is Key to Great Customer Support

Maintaining a good business reputation is critical for the ongoing success of your B2B organization. One of the best ways to do this is by providing consistent, high-quality support to your client base. However, if different departments aren’t in sync, the customer experience you provide will inevitably suffer. You need to be able to collaborate well on a daily basis without running into problems.

When there’s a disconnect between departments, your clients may end up getting transferred to several people before their issue gets addressed. Not only is this frustrating, but it also increases your support department’s resolution times and puts unneeded stress on your agents. That’s why it’s imperative you find a B2B customer support solution that helps bring all departments together. Let’s go over some ways to enhance collaboration within the support process.

Create a Roadmap First

Before you start to improve your collaborative efforts, you need to understand what departments are integral to your support process. You can then start working on ways of streamlining communications with them. Looking at the lifecycle of previous tickets will give you some insight into where communication is failing. Data reports are imperative assets and will show you exactly where your process needs to be improved. You can then speak with other departments to find out the best way for your support team to communicate with them. There’s a good chance you’ll discover you need additional software to make this happen.

Pinpoint Issues That Require Collaboration

Not every support issue requires collaboration between departments. However, if you can find the problems that do, this will make solving them much easier. It’ll also be much more apparent which tools you need to integrate into your operation. For example, you may find that when a person calls your support team needing information on product updates, it’s taking a long time to provide them with an answer. You can then integrate configurable help desk software so your reps can communicate directly with the development department to find the answers. This cuts down on the need to transfer clients or put them on hold while finding an answer to their question.

A Centralized System

Any high-volume support operation needs software that allows multiple departments access to up-to-date information. This way there are no hiccups when reaching out for additional data or passing a client off to someone more knowledgeable on the issue at hand. A customizable dashboard is a perfect tool for this. With this B2B customer support solution, your agents along with other departments can set up a dashboard that gives them all the client information they need. When a support request comes in, no time gets wasted getting the right person up to speed on a client’s SLA or ticket history.

Streamline Communication with the Right Tools

Don’t let a poor collaborative process stain your business reputation. Implement the right software today and bring all departments together.

PhaseWare can help you enhance your customer service operation with configurable help desk software. Contact us today to learn more.

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