The Best Ways to Incorporate Customer Support Personalization as a Business Grows

When your B2B organization was in its early stages, you probably had no issues providing personalized customer support. After all, fewer clients means lower ticket volume and less information for your agents to keep track of. However, as you grow, personalization becomes more challenging. It’s up to you to find ways to provide a unique customer support experience to maintain the momentum you’ve achieved.

It’s critical you make your customer experience a key component of your core values. Each agent you hire needs to understand the importance of personalized interactions. You’ll also need to equip your support department with B2B customer support software, which will give them the tools they need to provide exceptional service, regardless of the way a client reaches out to them.

Software You Can Configure to Your Needs

As your business grows, your support team will start to take on a larger workload. If you want to continue to provide personalized service, your agents must have the information they need at their fingertips. This includes SLA information, client profiles, and ticketing history. If they don’t have access to this data, there’s no way they can provide a seamless experience when a customer reaches out. Implementing configurable customer support software is the best solution to this problem. This software will allow each agent to customize a dashboard to fit their exact needs. They’ll also have the most up-to-date information on each client so nothing gets overlooked.

Offer New Support Channels

Today, a big part of providing personalized service means letting your clients choose the way they get the support they need. Simply offering phone and email support isn’t enough anymore. You need to offer additional features such as chat, ticketing functionality, and a self-service portal. This last feature has become very popular recently. Many consumers prefer to seek out the answers to their questions on their own. This means more and more businesses are offering a self-service portal with an extensive knowledge base that empowers clients to solve their product issues without having to reach out to agents. Not only does this drive customer satisfaction, it takes a lot of the workload off your support team.

Promote Personalized Service from Within

In addition to putting tools like B2B customer support software in place that will help your team provide a personalized experience, you also need to promote empathy in your support department. You may even want to provide further training to ensure agents are delivering the very best service to each client. It also helps to get feedback from your team regarding your support process. This will help uncover problem areas your managers don’t see on a regular basis. It’s important your agents feel free to voice their opinions and concerns. This will help instill employee trust and ensure each agent is working with your organization’s key principles in mind.

Get the Tools You Need for a Unique Customer Experience

If you’re going through significant business growth, it’s important to outfit your support department with the tools they need. Doing so will help you to continue to provide personalized service to a growing client base.

Let PhaseWare help you implement configurable customer support software into your operation. Contact us today to learn more.

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