Self-Service: What Have You Got to Lose?

Self-service portals, for a business, are becoming a staple. Customers have grown used to having access to a self-service portal of some kind so that they can assess their own concerns or questions with the company without having to go through the trouble of contacting customer service. Naturally, it is a positive move that your company can make to improve their customer satisfaction rates, but what else does your business stand to gain from creating and perfecting a self-service portal? The answers are many.

One of the most beneficial additions that you will enjoy with a fully formed self-service portal comes in the form of workplace efficiency. With PhaseWare’s Self-Service Center, the amount of available support that your clients will have access to will free up a noticeable amount of time for your agents during the day — this means that your expert staff will be able to spend their valuable time on other projects or company ventures. Not only will your company be able to improve and grow at a quicker rate, but your employees will be able to engage with the infrastructure of the company in more meaningful ways.

Another side of the self-service option to consider is that the services you offer won’t just be available to your customers. Representatives, as well, will have access to all the information they need. The company knowledge base is as effective as a tool for internal users as it is for external ones! If an agent isn’t sure how exactly something is done, they will no longer have to search through incident histories or make conjectures or ask a superior for advice — they can just type a few keywords into a search bar and resolve their question as quickly as possible.

PhaseWare is proud to present one of the leading self-service software products on the market. The Self-Service Center (SSC) has all of the features that your company would need and want, with a heavy hitting knowledge base, self-administration options, downloads, FAQ pages, user submitted issues, and more. On top of this, our team is bent on providing the best experience possible. This means if there’s something you need, we can just work with you to make it happen! That kind of commitment coupled with the quality of product we can offer will result in the best choice you can make for your business today. 

Your customers can do it themselves — and what’s more, they want to. Give your buyers what they want with the award winning PhaseWare self-service Center. Start your free trial today!

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