New Downloadable Set! Part 2: Dashboards and Visual Reporting

How has the internal side of your customer service system been working? Are your employees steady, focused, and well supported? Are there any improvements to be made?

These are the questions that PhaseWare asked regularly of its own team and its customers, to find out what the best customer service support system might look like. The information you can gather from asking such questions yields a broad range of opportunities from the top to the bottom of your CSS department. One of the most effective ways of changing the employee outlook and improving the office environment turned out to be what PhaseWare now calls “Dashboards.”

Dashboards are a unique format of internal information, customizable for each agent, with an appealing, easy-to-use set-up. In the second of our latest downloadable resources, you will be able to explore the exact ways in which utilizing Dashboards can improve the quality of the work and work environment for your team. Included in the document, you’ll find:

  • A detailed description of what Dashboards are, what they can look like, and how they can be used. The concept of Dashboards can be a little difficult to pin down in words due to its wide range of uses. In addition to the thorough definition, this document will give a good look at how the outcome of a fully functional Dashboards system would appear.
  • A full overview of widgets and their implementation. With Dashboards, come widgets. Using widgets is an experience that each user will be able to construct to their particular needs, and PhaseWare is ready to ensure that no feature is lost by providing key information on how to make the most of your widgets.
  • A roadmap to visual data and its uses. Having a lot of information can be a huge advantage to your company, but it’s all in how you view it. There are times when too much information will just bog your employees down, or give them the wrong impression if the information is juxtaposed in a misleading way. It’s important to keep your priorities straight when depicting the actionable data for your company!

Although you may have never used them before, Dashboards can become the office favorite and your most valued customer support tool in the workplace. With PhaseWare’s experienced agents working to give your company the very best, you will be pleased to enjoy the product of our labor and the benefits of our research. Check out the new document today to get more info.

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