It’s Time to Move From the Traditional Inbox to Customer Support Software

The reputation of your B2B organization has a lot to do with the quality of customer support you provide. But what happens when business growth places more demand on your support operation? You can’t rely solely on the traditional inbox model for handling client requests and follow-ups. Your team needs something much more robust like customizable customer support software to provide a competitive customer experience.

This type of software places a number of tools at your agents’ fingertips. It also provides your clients with several ways to reach out to your support team to get the answers they need. Automation helps ensure nothing falls between the cracks, which is likely to happen while using a one-dimensional inbox solution. If you’ve been noticing bottlenecks, client retention problems, and agent frustration, it’s time to make a switch. Let’s go over some benefits you’ll enjoy with customer support software.

Consistent Service Across a Number of Channels

Today, customers expect a business to provide more than one way for them to get the support they need. However, all these channels need to work together so agents can provide consistent service. Even when switching between channels, client’s shouldn’t have to repeat their questions or start the process over with each agent they interact with. Support software allows reps to create a seamless experience, picking up exactly where another agent left off. It provides support teams with easy access to a client’s profile so they can view contract details, ticketing history, and how a client has reached out to the team in the past. This allows them to provide high-quality, consistent service every time.

Give Clients a Way to Find Solutions on Their Own

Providing a self-service portal through your support software comes with a number of advantages. Clients have the opportunity to find answers to issues without having to contact your support team directly. They can do this by accessing a comprehensive knowledge base that contains information on your product and service. This channel is becoming increasingly popular, and it comes as no surprise. A self-service option gives clients the opportunity to find solutions on their own time. It also takes a lot of the pressure of your support team, meaning they can concentrate on providing high-quality service through your other channels.

Use Metrics to Your Advantage

If you want to enhance the quality of your support department, you have to analyze data-driven feedback on a regular basis. This will help you pinpoint issues within your support process and let you know if additional training needs to be provided to certain agents. Learning what issues are most prevalent and what channels your clients prefer when seeking solutions will allow you to make changes geared towards providing a better customer experience. Unfortunately, you can’t get this data if you’re just using a traditional inbox process. You need customizable customer support software to help collect and deliver data reports that are easy to read and interpret. This puts more power in your hands and keeps you informed of the ongoing progress of your team.

Give Customer Support Software a Shot

If your support infrastructure is stuck in the past, you risk losing clients to your competition. It may be time to ditch your traditional inbox process and upgrade to state-of-the-art software today.

Let PhaseWare help you integrate customizable customer support software into your current system. Contact us to learn more.

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