Help Your Customer Support Agents Avoid Common Frustrations

A big challenge for any support department is maintaining high employee retention. Doing so is important, as the longer an agent is with a company, the better they understand the product or service. This translates into high-quality support. However, there are a number of frustrations that can make an agent’s job difficult. If they face these issues on a daily basis, you run the risk of them going somewhere else.

In addition to creating a fulfilling work environment, cutting down on issues that create agent frustration also helps improve the customer experience you provide. But how do you solve all these issues at once? Implementing configurable customer support software is a great way to resolve many of the headaches your agents run into. Let’s go over some of these frustrations and what you can do about them.

Overwhelming Demand

A steady workflow is a good thing in any customer support environment. However, if agents are taxed throughout their shift’s on a daily basis, burnout can happen fast. This is a common problem with businesses offering so many channels for their clients to reach out for help. Without a logical system in place, agents will end up juggling too many requests, repeating the same information, and failing to meet desired resolution times. However, by taking advantage of customer support automation tools, your agents can consolidate their tasks and streamline their process. For example, ticket automation ensures that incoming requests get to the right person without the need for manual filtering. Automated email follow-ups also let agents concentrate on handling new issues instead of providing touchpoint for old ones.

Jumping from Channel to Channel

Offering multiple ways for your clients to reach out to you is good. But that means you need to create an environment where your agents can seamlessly handle requests from different channels. If they can’t, their workflow will suffer. There’s also a big chance your agents will lose track of valuable information, repeat the same thing twice, and hold up the resolution process. Not only will this frustrate your agents, but your clients won’t be too impressed either. That’s why proper support software is one of the most imperative assets for any high volume support team. It gives agents the opportunity to move between channels on a single dashboard without losing track of client information. They’ll also know exactly where the client is in the issue resolution process.

Poor Internal Communication

If a support team doesn’t have the means to communicate quickly and effectively, things can get messy in a hurry. This is extremely frustrating when trying to find quick solutions for clients. If one department needs to get involved in the resolution process, your agents need to be able to relay information so nothing falls between the cracks. This is where configurable customer support software becomes an invaluable resource. It allows agents to share information with each other along with other departments. It also provides for the use of an internal knowledge base that can be updated by the support team when new information becomes available. This way, everyone stays informed on new procedures, product updates, or recurring issues.

Give Your Agents the Tools They Need

Don’t let workflow frustration lead to high employee turnover. Implement the right support software and give your agents the tools they need to enhance their process.

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