Improve Your Customer Support with Machine Learning

There’s a common misconception that machine learning and artificial intelligence are the same thing. While they both aid in the digital automation process, they each involve very different processes. When it comes to customer support, artificial intelligence works to provide a more human experience without the participation of an agent. Machine learning, however, is a function of AI that deals with the gathering and utilization of data. It involves the processing of algorithms and turning them into valuable feedback. In the customer support realm, this tool can prove invaluable. Let’s go over a few ways machine learning can vastly improve your support department.

Insights for Knowledge Base Content Creation

If you utilize a self-service knowledge base to provide an additional tier of support, it needs to be maintained. This means adding and updating your content so clients can find what they need when they need it. Machine learning will help deliver valuable insights regarding what information your customers find useful. It does this by pulling data from phone, chat, and email interactions. Your agents can use this information to update content so it better serves your clients. Or, they can add new content so searches within your knowledge base don’t come up flat. Attempting to manually gather the information needed to do this would require a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Optimize Chatbot Functionality

Artificial intelligence is what enables chatbot technology to provide service that simulates a human interaction. This has become an integral part of providing a good customer experience. However, machine learning is the tool that makes this possible. It collects data which allows chatbots the ability to make the appropriate responses to client inquiries. It also tells a chatbot when it should deliver certain information to the client or transfer the interaction to a live agent. This type of functionality is why chatbots are now a part of most configurable customer support software.

Turn Analytics Into Future Growth

Analyzing data analytics is essential to the success of any support team. Looking at metrics such as response times, self-service portal usage, and support channel preferences will allow you to make necessary changes. Machine learning will help generate the data you need to make these strides towards future growth. It can gather valuable information from client interactions and provide a predictive analysis of how certain issues will play out in the future. Machine learning can also provide data surrounding a client or the support process, which will help agents perform at a higher level. This is a crucial step if you want to improve the customer experience you’re providing.

Use Machine Learning to Your Advantage

Embracing state-of-the-art technology is a must if you want to provide client support that goes above and beyond what your competition offers. Taking advantage of machine learning is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of your process. From there, you can make the right changes and take your customer experience to the next level.

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